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Testimonial (Worry free move)

Testimonial (McCann donated this house after this family lost theirs in a fire)

With Our Greatest Appreciation!

Dear McCann’s Building Movers,

At Avalon Master Builder we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your assistance with the 2012 Playhouse Project.

With you on the team, we were able to educate and promote growth in the next generation of Residential and Commercial Trades at G.W Skene School. Furthermore, the completed playhouse went to a good home where it will be used for years to come. Residing at The Heartland Agency (a pre-school for children with developmental difficulties) the playhouse will assist in goals that advance optimal development, progress children’s emotional, physical and intellectual health, increase children's safety, and link families with their communities for more positive family outcomes. All of the kids involved are so excited to be part of this venture!

Thank you for your prompt, professional, courteous and careful move of this structure. Without your help, none of this would have been possible.


Chris Williams
General Manager, Avalon Master Builder
-And the entire Avalon Team-

Testimonial (moved house)

We have had absolutely exceptional service from McCann Building Movers and Pat McCann. When we went to first see the house we purchased, Pat met us at the house so we would know all the moving details. This was great so we could make a decision right away on whether we would buy the house or not. There were several people
interested in the house and we really did not want to miss this deal. He was very thorough in going over all the pro's and con's of the house and moving it.

We bought the house in Cochrane Alberta and had it move to the North Battleford area in Saskatchewan. We set up a date to move the house and Pat kept in contact with us helping us along the way. He came out to Saskatchwan to see our building site to make sure everything would go smoothly when the house came. Giving us pointers and tips to help.

When the moving day was almost here there was a glitch, the construction project in Cochrane was put on hold and we had to wait for a house next to ours to be demolished. We were planning a trip to Cochrane to get the house ready when we got the call, it could not be moved. We went and worked on it anyway and Pat once again
came to the house with lots of helpful advice.

Finally after 4 months of waiting we went to Cochrane again and finalized everything we had to take care of to have it ready. Pat came again but he is a much earlier riser then the rest of us but after a phone call he said everything looked good on our part and it was all up to him now.

Pat kindly juggled us into his busy schedule and was ready to go as soon as the other house was gone. Initially we thought we would have to wait
another month for the house to get to Saskatchwan because of his busy schedule, but Pat did some juggling and we received a phone call and the house was coming!

We had planned to pick up the deck and add on with our trailer but because it hit harvest time and the trailer was unavailable. Once again Pat came through for us and was able to get a trailer and bring it for us. The morning the house was to arrive we woke up to about 4" of snow and still coming down. It was cold and wet but the house still came! The house was sitting on the basement before noon and the add on back in place before the day was done. They had a great crew, all very friendly and helpful. Even putting up with and returning the odd playful snowball from our kids.

Thank you very much Pat you have been great to work with! We would highly recommend McCann Building Movers to any one wanting to move a building somewhere near or far.

Tim & Laura Jackson