What do we need to know before we get started?

Your first step is to assess what your needs are. Do you need a building raised, moved or are you wanting to buy a building? Next is to find out from your local municipality what their regulations are regarding the work you need done. You can then contact us and we can give you some preliminary information and pricing. With all this information, you can then assess whether this is a project you want to continue with. At this point we will do some site visits and discuss with you exactly what your needs are and quote a firm price.

Do we need a moving or building permit?
How do you know what can be moved and what can’t?
Are there any additional costs that could be incurred?
What kind of prep work is required to do prior to it being moved?
Does the distance of the move affect the cost?
How long does it take to move a building?
What damage can be expected when a building is lifted or moved?
Would my building move be insured agains excess damage or liability claims?
How do you actually move a building?