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Family Owned and Operated since 1965

• Member of Alberta Building Movers Association
• Member of International Association of Structural Movers
• Member of Western Canada Association of Structural Movers

McCann's Building Movers History

Ronald McCann Sr. (known as "Doc" by family, friends and business associates) started this successful house moving business in 1965 under the name of R. McCann Building Movers. His son’s Pat & Ron were involved in the business from the start at the young ages of 14 & 12. Their first job was moving the construction camp at Mannix's Squaw Rapids Dam project in northern Saskatchewan. They started with an old army jeep and a few beams and dollies. Since then it has been a steady climb uphill, sometimes extremely steep.

Recycling at it's best
since 1965
The company was incorporated in June of 1973 as "McCANN’S BUILDING MOVERS LTD." and continued to be operated as a family business with Doc and his wife Edith running the office and administration of the operation. By this time Pat  and Ron were supervising the field operations and the moving crews.  In 1985 Doc & Edith’s daughter info stepped into Edith’s position allowing Edith a much deserved early retirement from the day to day administration of the business.  By this time Pat had added some of Doc’s responsibilities such as estimating jobs, purchasing buildings and scheduling new jobs.
Doc was extremely involved in the business, teaching everyone all of the different aspects of the business. Our father "Doc" was coming into the office 5 or 6 days a week up until a week before he passed away, on June 15, 1996 at the age of 84.  Unfortunately Doc would not be able to see all the changes that the future would bring.  The company now runs two full time crews with Pat’s son’s Pat Jr. and Dwayne supervising  the daily activities of the crews. Ron continues to supervise some of the field operations and has taken on some administrative roles as well, such as checking routes, estimating and scheduling jobs, as well as customer relations.  Pat has taken on more of Doc’s administrative responsibilities along with the field supervising, estimating and customer relations. info is administrating all office duties and has taken on some of Doc’s administrative responsibilities as well.
We are a family business dedicated to bringing you "our customers" the best in product, price and service.